PhenoRob member Prof. Dr. Matin Quaim was thoroughly questioned by his young students during his lecture for the Kinderuni on How to feed the world

The Bonn Youth University initiative “Kinderuni” is aimed at children aged eight to thirteen. It wants to introduce the young students to the world of science and research. The Kinderuni includes lectures from various fields of research, is free of charge and does not require prior registration.

This time, Prof. Dr. Matin Qaim, Director of the Centre for Development Research (ZEF) at the University of Bonn, gave an interactive lecture on “How can we feed everyone?”. The lecture was based on his own research, which focuses on sustainable food systems and food and nutrition security. Together with his students, he looked not only look at the impact of climate change, but also at what they eat in a day and the essentials of a varied and balanced diet.

After his lecture, he had to answer many challenging questions, such as “How many decades will it take before there is no more hunger?” or “Is there enough to eat, but it is not distributed properly?”, which he answered patiently. Together they worked out possible solutions to the questions, taking into account the children’s suggestions.

This semester’s Kinderuni ended with the awarding of diplomas at the beginning of June. However, the Kinderuni will continue on Monday, 13 January 2025 with six brand new lectures.

Pictures: © Volker Lannert/ Universität Bonn, All rights reserved