PhenoRob member Dr. Lasse Klingbeil left the young audience in awe by demonstrating how drones work and by explainig how they can be utilized in agriculture to help detect weeds and plant diseases

The initiative of the Youth University of Bonn “Kinderuni” aims to encourage young children to get to know the world of science and research well before the start of their higher education. This summer semester, for the 10th time in a row young pupils between the age of 8 and 13 had the opportunity to briefly experience a day of a university student – namely, attending lectures in big lecture halls, listening to professors and learning about the different interesting fields of science. To inspire curious young minds and to capture their attention, the Kinderuni lectures this semester revolved around different intriguing fields of science, such as museology, theology, astronomy, zoology, criminology and last but not least, agriculture. In his lecture about the latter topic, Dr. Lasse Klingbeil, Professor of Geodesy and Geoinformation held an interactive and engaging presenation about drones and their usage in agriculture.

Those young pupils who managed to visit 10 out of 12 similar lectures in the last two semesters, were rewarded with the Kinderuni-degree, which was handed out to the hard-working young scientists on the 12th of June.

Pictures: © Volker Lannert, All rights reserved