The northrhine-westphalian Minister of Agriculture and Consumer Protection Minister Silke Gorißen has visited the University of Bonn’s sustainability campus, Campus Klein-Altendorf (CKA) on September 4, 2023. The talks focused on the University of Excellence’s successes in research on renewable raw materials and the transdisciplinary orientation of its research projects. In addition to sustainable and recyclable building materials and resource-saving vegetable and fruit cultivation without peat, the Cluster of Excellence Phenorob also presented its developments in the intersection of agriculture and robotics.

“Innovations for agriculture and forestry are being developed here at the Sustainability Campus Klein-Altendorf: In Rheinbach, new ways of cultivating and managing fields with robots are being developed to achieve a reduction in crop protection and fertilizers. Research is also being carried out here on climate-resistant tree types that can bind large quantities of CO2 and are particularly suitable for timber construction. The broad spectrum of research projects on the campus is impressive. I am pleased that North Rhine-Westphalia has such an excellent research landscape with such a wide range of projects that both benefit domestic agriculture and serve climate protection,” said Minister Silke Gorißen.